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Sungrow Hybrid SH10RT

Sungrow Hybrid SH10RT

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Sungrow hybrid high-voltage inverter with emergency power output SH10RT

These new three-phase hybrid inverters have a three-phase backup power output with three-phase current that is 100% capable of unbalanced loads. Together with the high-voltage battery connection and 2 independent MPP trackers, the Sungrow inverter leaves nothing to be desired. Up to date, this device is configured via the iSolarCloud Assistant and sends its data to the free iSolarCloud portal or iSolarCloud app via the already integrated WiFi or Ethernet interfaces. RS485 (Modbus RTU) and Ethernet (Modbus TCP) can be used to connect third-party data loggers. A 3-phase smart meter is already included.

External connections, generous connection area and an integrated spirit level allow for quick installation.

product benefits

  • Input voltage range from 200-950 V
  • High efficiency of up to 98.4%
  • natural convection
  • AC + DC overvoltage protection 2 integrated
  • external connections, no need to open the inverter
  • integrated spirit level
  • SG-Ready contact available (to: control e.g. heat pump)
  • Noise emission 30dB (A)


  • Operation without a battery as a pure inverter
  • DC operation with PV and battery
  • AC operation without PV and with battery

Product features Sungrow Hybrid HV SH10RT:

  • Mains connection: 3 phases
  • AC power: 10.0 kVA (10.0 kW nom. / 12 kW 5min. emergency power output via separate output
  • reverse polarity protection
  • MPP trackers: 2
  • MPPT 1: 1 MC4 input; MPPT 2: 2 MC4 inputs
  • battery connection
  • Interfaces: Ethernet
  • Cable cross section AC connection 6 - 10 mm² possible
  • Cable cross section DC connection 4 - 6 mm² possible
  • Dimensions: 540 x 460 x 170 mm (H x W x D)
  • Weight: 27kg
  • Protection class: IP 65

scope of delivery

  • inverter
  • 3-phase smart meter Chint DTSU666 80 A included
  • WiNet-S module WIFI adapter
  • wall mount
  • expansion anchor set
  • M4 screws and washers
  • AC/Backup connector set
  • cable end clamp
  • PV connector
  • crimp contact
  • SUNCLIX connector set
  • LAN connector
  • COM connector
  • RS485 cable
  • OT connector
  • Documents
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