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SolarEdge StorEdge three-phase inverter SE10K

SolarEdge StorEdge three-phase inverter SE10K

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  • SolarEdge
  • SE10K-RWS48BEN4
  • SE10K-RWS48BEN4
  •  XXX
phases: 3
AC power: 10kW
Guarantee: 12 years
Communication: 2x RS485, Ethernet

SolarEdge StorEdge SE10K three-phase inverter for 48 V batteries

Have SolarEdge inverters no MPP tracker but two inputs for the SolarEdge module optimizer. With the fixed voltage technology the SolarEdge inverter always works in the optimum input voltage range, regardless of the number of modules and strings. The performance data of each individual is transmitted via the string line PV module optimizer transferred to the SolarEdge inverter and can be accessed via the Internet in the SolarEdge Monitoring Portal be visualized.

The new inverters are equipped without a display. The inverter is commissioned quickly and easily with the SolarEdge app on the smartphone.

With the integrated 48 V battery connection no wishes remain unfulfilled! Many 48 V Batteries are compatible with this system.

Product advantages:

  • Hybrid inverter for SolarEdge optimizers and 48 V batteries
  • DC rated voltage 750 Vdc
  • European efficiency: 97.6%
  • Fast installation time thanks to the integrated StorEdge interface
  • Larger battery selection thanks to 48 V battery voltage
  • Lower overall costs thanks to 48 V battery technology

Product features SolarEdge StorEdge SE10K:

  • AC Rating: 10kVA, 3-phase
  • Maximum battery charge/discharge power: 5 kW
  • 5 kW battery connection 48 V
  • DC or AC system with SolarEdge inverter
  • PV input: 2 pairs of MC4 inputs
  • Battery connection: 1 pair M8 cable lug
  • Communication: Ethernet RJ45
  • Protection class: IP 65
  • Standard warranty: 12 years
  • Dimensions: 853 x 316 x 193 mm (H x W x D)
  • Weight: gross 35 kg / net 32 ​​kg
  • Optional: WiFi, ZigBee Gateway or GSM

SolarEdge StorEdge three-phase inverter can be configured as a DC but also as an AC system. This means that larger systems can also be equipped with a three-phase storage system.


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