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SMA Sunny Highpower PEAK3 SHP 150-20

SMA Sunny Highpower PEAK3 SHP 150-20

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  •  SMA
  • SHP 150-20
  • 3-150-1500-1-20
  •  XXX
phases: 3
MPP tracker: 1
AC power: 150kW
Voltage range: 855 - 1425 volts
Guarantee: 5 years
Communication: Speedwire / Webconnect

SMA Sunny Highpower Peak3

No Approval for VDE-AR-N 4105, only for VDE-AR-N 4110/4120, AC output voltage: 600 V

Since over 35 years SMA sets technological trends and drives the development of renewable energies. The advantages of the decentralized system layout combined with those of the central inverter concept – this is the latest system solution from SMA. With the SUNNY HIGHPOWER PEAK3 comes a power pack as the first string inverter from SMA with 1,500 volt technology. The PEAK3 comes with the proven SMA platform with integrated web server and offers high reliability in addition to a flexible, decentralized system design. On the DC side, the PEAK3 inverter can be oversized by up to 150%. In combination with the SMA Data Manager, the PEAK3 is fully compatible with ennexOS, the new platform for sector coupling.

product benefits

  • For feeding into the medium-voltage grid via an external transformer station
  • Fast commissioning
  • a highly efficient inverter SMA Sunny Highpower Peak3
  • flexible combiner boxes
  • Oversizing of up to 150%
  • up to 50% longer strings with 1,500 V technology
  • integrated overvoltage protection DC (type 2) and AC (type 2+3)

product properties

  • Max. AC apparent power: 150 kVA
  • AC Rated Voltage: 600V
  • MPP voltage range: 855V - 1425V
  • Max. input current DC: 180 A
  • Number of MPP trackers: 1
  • Communication: 2 pcs. Ethernet RJ45
  • Degree of protection: IP65
  • Dimensions: 770x830x444mm
  • Weight: 98kg


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