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Solarranch SMA

SMA EV Charger 22, cable 10 m

SMA EV Charger 22, cable 10 m

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Perfomance: 22 kilowatts
AC phases: 3
Charging port: Cable
Number of charging points: 1
Access control: No
Surplus store: Yes
Energy meter: MID compliant meter
KfW (441) eligible: Yes
BMVI eligible: No

The SMA EV Charger 22 kW with permanently installed type 2 charging cable 10 m

With the wall boxes, SMA is also advancing into the field of e-mobility. The wall boxes from SMA fit perfectly into the overall system environment and are perfectly compatible with the SMA Sunny Home Manager 2.0.

The EV Charger 22 is also one of the first wall boxes to offer automatic phase switching from 1 to 3-phase charging. This offers the decisive advantage that you make ideal use of the surplus from your PV system.

product benefits

  • Compatible with the SMA Sunny Home Manager 2.0
  • Charging release via SMA Energy App
  • Surplus loading with the SHM
  • Blackout protection: The SHM monitors the maximum power of the house connection and adjusts the wallbox if necessary.
  • Boost function: By controlling the unbalanced load limit at the grid connection point, the wallbox can charge 1-phase with up to 7.4 kW.
  • LED status indicator
  • Communication via Ethernet/ WLAN
  • SMA Smart Connected
  • Automatic phase switching 1/3 phases: This starts yours excess charge already at 1.4 kW

Product features SMA EV Charger 22

  • 1/3-phase AC charging up to max. 22 kW
  • Configuration of charging power from 1.4 - 22 kW
  • Integrated DC residual current protection 6 mA

scope of delivery

  • EV Charger 22
  • 10 m charging cable type 2
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