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Trina 410 TSM-DE09R.05 Vertex S, Black 410W

Trina 410 TSM-DE09R.05 Vertex S, Black 410W

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Vertex S 410 watt monocrystalline glass-foil module

Trina launches the new PV module series Vertex S. The Vertex S series is the first Trina product to benefit from a product guarantee of 15 years when it is launched. The new Black high-performance module achieves an output power of up to 410 W with a small footprint. The multi-busbar technology is integrated, which serves to improve the light-trapping effect, the lower series resistance and improved current collection. Likewise, with the help of the high-density cell compression technology, there is hardly any cell spacing within the module. Due to the dark aesthetics, the module looks elegant on the roofs. The Vertex S series can be used flexibly and is intended for both the residential and commercial sectors.

product benefits

  • IEC certified
  • Module with its electrical properties can be used like known half-cell modules
  • High-density cell connection technology for higher module efficiency
  • Multi-busbar technology
  • 30 mm frame height, very stable
  • System design and planning exactly as previously known
  • 15-year product guarantee on workmanship
  • 25 year performance guarantee

Product features Trina 410 TSM-DE09R.05 Vertex S, Black

  • 410 wp
  • 144 monocrystalline cells (210 mm cells in thirds), with an arrangement of 5 × 12 cells per module half
  • Efficiency: 20.5%
  • Black module frame
  • Black back sheet
  • Dimensions: 1762 × 1134 × 30 mm (HxWxD)
  • Weight: 21.8kg
  • Connector: MC4 EVO2/TS4
  • Cable length on the module: 1100 mm (landscape)
  • Snow load up to 6,000 Pa
  • Wind load up to 4,000 Pa
  • Current in the impp 10.05 A
  • Short-circuit current Isc 10.58 A
  • Power Temperature Coefficient: -0.34%/°C
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