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RCT Power Inverter 4.0

RCT Power Inverter 4.0

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Maximum efficiency with the Power Inverter 4.0 from RCT

The Power Inverter from RCT 4.0 has an AC output of 4.0 kW. Well suited for small photovoltaic systems. The very wide input voltage range for connecting the strings offers the installer great flexibility when designing the photovoltaic systems. In addition, the power inverter can be installed and commissioned in just a few steps.

product benefits

  • Particularly quiet operation thanks to fanless cooling
  • Two independent MPP controllers, can be connected in parallel
  • Maximum input current: 2 x 12 A
  • Plug & Play installation possible without special tools
  • Integrated RCT Power APP solution
  • No internet access required for commissioning

Product features Power Inverter 4.0

  • 3-phase mains connection
  • 4.0kW AC power
  • 200 - 800V MPP voltage range
  • transformerless concept
  • 2 MPP trackers
  • Interfaces: WIFI, LAN, RS485, multifunctional relay
  • Dimensions: 570 x 440 x 200 mm (HxWxD)
  • Weight: 22.0 kg
  • IP65

Inverter manufacturer RCT

RCT Power GmbH is based in Constance on Lake Constance. The team develops inverters and stationary storage solutions for private residential buildings with innovative solutions for better and long-term use of solar energy.

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