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LG THERMA V complete package R32 Monobloc S air/water heat pump 16 kW

LG THERMA V complete package R32 Monobloc S air/water heat pump 16 kW

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With the LG THERMA V heat pump series, LG Electronics offers a heat pump that covers all of the domestic and heating water heat requirements in your home. The Monobloc S air/water heat pump can continue to achieve 100% heat output at flow temperatures of up to 55 °C and outside temperatures down to -7 °C. Even at -15 °C, the heating capacity is still 95%. The LG THERMA V air/water heat pump can therefore be used effectively in both new and existing buildings. R32 refrigerant is used for the heat generation process. It has a lower Global Warming Potential value than conventional refrigerants.

The LG THERMA V heat pump can be intelligently connected to the ESS Home energy storage system (battery storage and inverter). Communication takes place via RS485. Third-party inverters can also be integrated via the integrated SG-Ready interface in the outdoor unit.

With a heat output of 16 kW, the HM163MR.U34 air/water heat pump is suitable for existing buildings. In addition to the outdoor unit, the backup heater HA063M.E1 is included, which is used in the flow inside the building. A service water tank and buffer tank are also included in the package.

Product advantages LG THERMA V Monobloc S 16 kW

  • Environmentally friendly refrigerant R32
  • No cold certificate required because monobloc
  • Due to flash gas injection in scroll compressor - 100% heating capacity down to - 7 °C outside temperature
  • Remote control RS3 with touchscreen and color display included
  • Visualization and control possible via LG ThinQ app
  • Integration of second heating circuit possible

Product features LG THERMA V Monobloc S 16 kW

  • Heating power: 16 kW
  • Voltage supply: 400 V/ 3 phases
  • COP (part load operation) heating: 7°C AT/35°CW : 4.70
  • COP (part load operation) heating: 2°C AT/35°CW : 3.60
  • Operating range heating: -25 - 35 °C outside temperature
  • Sound power level: 61 dB (A)
  • Air volume flow: 2 x 3600 m3/h
  • Refrigerant: R 32
  • Operating current standard: heating 5.9 A
  • Dimensions: 1380 x 1239 x 330 mm (HxWxD)
  • Weight: 118.6 kg
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