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LG RESU Plus Box

LG RESU Plus Box

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  • LG Energy Solution
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Battery type: 48 volt lithium
phases: 1

LG RESU Plus Box extension

LG Energy Solution presents the 3rd generation of the 48 V lithium battery. A newly developed battery cell enables a special high energy density and compact dimensions of the new LG RESU series. With the RESU Plus module you can combine two RESU 48 V batteries with each other. This means that a maximum capacity of 26 kWh can be achieved. A maximum charging and discharging of 5.0 kW is possible.

product benefits

  • Can be expanded with a second battery at any time
  • Aluminum housing IP55

product properties

  • For LG RESU 6.5, 10, 12 and 13 (RESU 13 cannot be combined with the smaller types)
  • Max. power 5.0 kW

Compatible inverters

  • 1 x SMA Sunny Island 3.0 and 4.4
  • SolarEdge StorEdge 3ph. Inverter (see document: Connection of 2 LG RESU 48V batteries using the LG RESU Plus)

Caution: the battery size must be selected based on the charging/discharging capacity of the inverter in the respective area of ​​application (max. charging capacity inverter < max. charging capacity battery). See SMA approval list for LG RESU.


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