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LG Electronics ESS HBC 15H memory

LG Electronics ESS HBC 15H memory

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LG Electronics offers flexible use with the new LG ESS HOME series. The complete system consists of a 3-phase hybrid inverter and battery storage. Depending on the application, up to two batteries can be cascaded. With the two battery sizes of 11 and 15 kWh, you can always find the right storage size. The hybrid inverter has 3-MPP trackers and generates three-phase alternating current. In the event of a power failure, the supply of consumers can be ensured by installing the Enwitec switching device. A 10-year manufacturer's guarantee and improved services offer optimal all-round protection for the system owner. The LG ESS HBC 15H offers the following advantages:

Product advantages ESS HOME

  • Inverter and power storage from one manufacturer
  • Flexible DC design with 3 MPP trackers
  • Intelligent energy management system
  • heat pump control
  • Capable of backup power

Product features LG Electronics ESS HBC 15H memory

  • 14.2 kWh usable storage capacity
  • IP55
  • Weight: 142 kg (per battery unit: 26 kg)
  • Battery dimensions: 698 x 1,073 x 205 mm (W x H x D)
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