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Kostal Smart Energy Meter Series C

Kostal Smart Energy Meter Series C

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KOSTAL Smart Energy Meter Series -C Energy measurement in real time and transmission of the measurement data at parameterizable intervals via standard interfaces

the smart meter can only do one inverter and no wall box.

  • I3 x 120/208 3 x 240/415V 0.25-5 (65)A 50/60Hz
  • Output 1 x RS485
  • High measurement accuracy
  • Current sensor and energy manager for coupling AC batteries
  • Can be combined with PIKO 4.2-20, PIKO EPC, PIKO MP plus, PIKO IQ, PLENTICORE plus
  • data visualization
  • Functional expansion possible via software update
  • Installation in the control cabinet on top-hat rail
  • Simple device configuration via web interface and preset values
  • Software update via web interface
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