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Kostal Piko IQ 8.5

Kostal Piko IQ 8.5

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Kostal PIKO 8.5 IQ inverter

The new PIKO 8.5 IQ is a member of a future-oriented generation of Kostal PIKO inverters. They combine proven technology with convincing technical finesse and a futuristic design: simply better!

  • 2 MPP trackers for laying out almost all roofs
  • Extended MPP range - perfect for repowering
  • In five performance classes – perfect for every house
  • Fast self-learning shadow management - adapts individually to the installation site
  • Dynamic active power control and 24-hour house consumption measurement
  • Interfaces: 1x Ethernet, RJ56, 4x digital inputs (e.g. for digital ripple control receiver), 1x USB 2.0
  • Smart Communication Board - future-proof and new functions can be expanded via app
  • Display, data logger, system monitoring, network and control interfaces integrated as standard, WLAN ready via external USB WLAN adapter
  • EEBus and Sunspec for SmartHome integration
Rated power kVA(cos φ = 1): 8kW
Number of DC inputs: 2
number independent MPP tracker: 2
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