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Hardy Barth cPH2 1T11 Type 2 charging cable 4m spiral, Salia, MID, RFID

Hardy Barth cPH2 1T11 Type 2 charging cable 4m spiral, Salia, MID, RFID

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Perfomance: 11 kilowatts
AC phases: 3
Charging port: Cable
Number of charging points: 1
Access control: RFID
Surplus store: Yes
Energy meter: MID compliant meter
KfW (441) eligible: Yes
BMVI eligible: No

Hardy Barth cPH2 1T11 with 4 m spiral charging cable, MID counter and RFID

With the cPH2, Hardy Barth is developing a new wall box that can be used in private and semi-public areas. The wall box is easy to assemble. It has a charging capacity of 11 kW and a 3-phase mains connection. In this variant, a fixed spiral charging cable with a length of 4 m is installed. In addition, the wall box shines with an RFID module and an MID counter. This makes it possible to settle the electric car with the employer. The cPH2 is available with a charging capacity of 11, 22 and 44 kW. In addition, you can choose between one and two charging points.

product benefits

  • Easy and quick assembly
  • Elimination of the internal smart meter eCB1 PV
  • Intelligent charging management
  • New optical display through modified LED circuit board
  • New software for controlling the wall box in the charge controller

Product features Hardy Barth cPH2 1T11 charging cable 4 m spiral, MID, RFID

  • 3-phase mains connection
  • 11 kW charging power
  • DC residual current detection
  • Type 2 spiral cable 4 m
  • RFID module
  • MID counter
  • Integrated LAN interface
  • wall mounting
  • Dimensions: 497 x 397 x 166 mm (H x W x D)
  • Weight: 12kg
  • 5 RFID cards included
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