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GoodWe ET 29.9 - GW29.9K-ET

GoodWe ET 29.9 - GW29.9K-ET

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The GoodWe ET 15-30 series is suitable for large residential PV projects and small commercial projects. The largest inverter power on the AC side is 29.9 kVA and does not require central NA protection. The GoodWe hybrid inverter has an integrated switching device for backup power. This enables the inverter to continue to supply selected consumers with emergency power in the event of a power failure. The hybrid inverter is capable of black starts and can recharge from solar energy.

product benefits

  • Integrated switching device for backup power
  • Black start capable
  • Peak shaving function
  • AC chargeable
  • DC ÜSS Type 2 integrated
  • Direct connection to ripple control receiver
  • AC surge protection

Product features GW29.9K-ET

  • Mains connection: 3 phases
  • AC Power: 29.9kVA
  • 29.9 kW emergency power output via separate output
  • MPP Tracker: 3
  • String connections per MPPT: 2
  • Max. input current per MPPT: 30 A
  • Max. short-circuit current per MPPT: 38 A
  • Battery connection for high-voltage battery (GoodWe, BYD)
  • Communication: RS485, CAN, WLAN, Bluetooth
  • Potential-free contact available (programmable via PV-Master APP) (SG-Ready)
  • 3-phase smart meter included
  • WiFi module included
  • Dimensions: 520 x 660 x 220 mm (HxWxD)
  • Protection class: IP66
  • Weight: 54.0 kg

battery compatibility

  • GoodWe Lynx Home F, GoodWe Lynx Home F Plus, BYD HVM/HVS
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