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Fronius Wattpilot GO 11 kW 2.0

Fronius Wattpilot GO 11 kW 2.0

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Fronius is launching the second version of its in-house e-charging station. It is available in two different variants. On the one hand, there is the Fronius Wattpilot Home with 11/22 kW as a permanently installed version for your own home. On the other hand, there is the Fronius Wattpilot GO with 11/22 kW as a mobile charging station for on the go. Both charging stations are individually and intelligently linked to the Fronius Solar.wattpilot app. In addition, both variants have an RFID interface and can charge excess PV.

product benefits

  • Installation indoors and outdoors
  • Intelligently linked to your own Solar.wattpilot app
  • Dynamic excess PV charging with the Fronius Smart Meter
  • Locking of the charging socket
  • Optional locking of the charging cable
  • Choice of two different charging modes: Eco and Next Trip Mode
  • Plug and play charging station
  • Wall bracket included
  • An RFID card included
  • Optional accessories: adapter set for more flexibility on the go

Product features Fronius Wattpilot GO 11 kW 2.0

  • Mains connection starting from Wattpilot GO 11 kW: CEE 16 plug, red, 5-pin, including neutral conductor
  • There is a CEE-32 (red) / CEE-Cara 16 A plug adapter set for 1- and 3-phase mains connection
  • 11 kW charging power
  • 1- / 3-phase switching
  • Type 2 socket
  • Access control: RFID
  • Commissioning, charging settings and visualization via Solar.wattpilot app
  • The charging mode can also be selected via button activation on the device
  • Interfaces: WiFi
  • However, the loading can also be set precisely via the app or manually on the Wattpilot Ampere
  • DC residual current detection
  • IP55
  • Dimensions: 287 x 155 x 109 mm (L x W x H)
  • Weight: 1.6kg
  • Manufacturer's warranty: 2 years
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