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Fronius Smart Meter TS 65A-3

Fronius Smart Meter TS 65A-3

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The Fronius Smart Meter is a bidirectional meter for optimizing self-consumption, recording the load curve and controlling the various energy flows. Thanks to high measurement accuracy and fast communication via the Modbus RTU interface, faster and more precise dynamic feed-in control is possible in the case of feed-in limitations than with S0 meters.

Together with Fronius Solar.web, the Fronius Smart Meter enables a clear display of your own electricity consumption. With the Fronius storage solutions, the smart meter ensures perfectly coordinated management of the various energy flows, which optimizes the entire energy management. The Fronius Smart Meter is perfectly suited for use with the GEN24 Plus inverter, as well as all Fronius inverters with a Fronius Datamanager 2.0.

General data:

dimension / width 53.8mm
dimension / height 91.5mm
dimension / depth 63mm
Weight 0.24kg
nominal voltage 208-400V (LL)
maximum current 65
Connection cross-section current path 1-16mm²
Connection cross section communication & neutral conductor 0.05mm²
ownconsumption 1w
starting current 20mA
accuracy class 1
overload (temporary) 1950A - 10ms
Workspace -25 to +65°C
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