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BYD Premium HVM 11.0, Fronius Symo Gen24 Plus 10.0 + Smart Meter TS 65A-3

BYD Premium HVM 11.0, Fronius Symo Gen24 Plus 10.0 + Smart Meter TS 65A-3

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BYD B-Box Premium HVM 11.0

A Battery-Box Premium HVM 11.04 consists of 4 HVM battery modules connected in series to achieve a capacity of 11.04 kWh. The direct parallel connection of up to 3 identical Battery-Box Premium HVM
also enables a maximum output of 66.2 kWh. The system can be expanded later by adding additional HVM modules or parallel HVM towers.

  • Award-winning efficiency thanks to true series connection
  • The patented modular plug-in design requires no internal wiring, allowing for maximum flexibility and ease of use
  • Cobalt-free lithium iron phosphate (LFP) battery: Maximum safety, service life and performance
  • Compatible with leading 1 and 3 phase inverters
  • Highest safety standards such as VDE 2510-50
  • Powerful emergency/backup power and off-grid functionality
  • Number of battery modules 4
  • Usable capacity [1] 11.04 kWh
  • Max. output current [2] 50 A
  • Peak output current [2] 75 A,
  • Rated voltage 204V
  • Voltage range 160-240V
    • Dimensions (H/W/D) 1178 x 585 x 298 mm
        • Weight 167kg

        Fronius Symo Gen24 10.0 Plus
        • Mains connection: 3-phase
        • AC Power: 10.0kVA
        • transformerless
        • MPP trackers: 2
        • Communication: integrated data logger with web server, 2 x Ethernet, WLAN, RS485, 6 x dig. IN/OUT, 6 x dig. IN (FRI)
        • active cooling
        • Dimensions 594 x 527 x 166 mm (HxWxD)
        • Weight: 25.0kg
        • Protection class: IP 66

        Fronius Smart Meter TS 65A-3

        The Fronius Smart Meter TS is the ideal supplement for implementing power limitation, self-consumption recording or storage management. Fast communication and high measuring accuracy are guaranteed via the Modbus RTU interface. In combination with the Fronius Solar.web, the Smart Meter TS can display a clear overview of your own electricity consumption. When used with a Gen24 system, the Fronius Smart Meter TS ensures perfectly coordinated energy flow management.

        product properties

        • Rated current: max. 3 x 65A
        • 3-phase version
        • DIN rail mounting
        • Interface WR: Modbus RTU (RS485)
        • touch screen
        • Width: 4 HP
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