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BYD Premium HVM 19.3 with Sungrow SH10RT-V112 Power Bundle

These new three-phase hybrid inverters have a three-phase emergency power output with three-phase current that is 100% capable of unbalanced loads. Together with the high-voltage battery connection and 2 independent MPP trackers, the Sungrow inverter leaves nothing to be desired. Up to date, this device is configured via the iSolarCloud Assistant and sends its data to the free iSolarCloud portal or iSolarCloud app via the already integrated WiFi or Ethernet interfaces. RS485 (Modbus RTU) and Ethernet (Modbus TCP) can be used to connect third-party data loggers. A 3-phase smart meter is already included.

The firmware version V112 currently does not support the Sungrow EV charger and the 2CT meter. Mixing systems from versions V11 & V112 should be avoided. The update for compatibility should take place during Q1 2023!

Based on the current state of knowledge, we cannot recommend the combination of Sungrow inverters and optimizers from SolarEdge and Tigo

If PV modules with currents greater than 12.5 A are used, the inverter may turn down slightly on a few peak days of the year!

Product advantages BYD Premium HVM:

  • Award-winning efficiency thanks to true series connection
  • The patented modular plug-in design requires no internal wiring, allowing for maximum flexibility and ease of use
  • Cobalt-free lithium iron phosphate (LFP) battery: Maximum safety, service life and performance
  • Compatible with leading 1 and 3 phase inverters
  • Highest safety standards such as VDE 2510-50
  • Powerful emergency/backup power and off-grid functionality

Benefits Sungrow SH10RT-V112

  • Input voltage range from 150-1000V
  • High efficiency of up to 98.0%
  • natural convection
  • AC + DC overvoltage protection 2 integrated
  • external connections, no need to open the inverter
  • integrated spirit level
  • SG-Ready contact available (to control e.g. heat pump)
  • Noise emission 30dB (A)

Product features BYD Premium HVM:

  • 19.32 kWh battery capacity
  • Lithium Iron Phosphate Technology (LFP)
  • 358V nominal voltage
  • 50A max output current
  • 75A for 5 seconds
  • 281kg
  • IP55
  • 1877x585x298 mm (H/W/D)
  • On- and off-grid capable

Product Features Sungrow SH10RT-V112

  • 10.0 kVA power 3-phase
  • approx. 8.9 kW max. battery charging / discharging capacity
  • 2 MPP trackers 150-1000V, at rated power 210-850V
  • 1 MC4 inputs per MPPT
  • battery connection
  • WIFI adapter already included
  • Ethernet interface
  • Cable cross section AC connection 6 - 10mm² possible
  • Cable cross section DC connection 4 - 6 mm² possible
  • integrated reverse polarity protection
  • 3-phase smart meter included
  • Dimensions 540x460x170 mm (WxHxD)
  • IP65
  • Weight 26kg

Included in the package:

  • BYD Battery Box Premium HVM 19.3
  • Sungrow SH10RT-V112
  • Chint DTU666 Smart Meter 3 phase direct measurement 80A
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