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Bosch heating heat pump 8.5-13kW kW Compress 7001iAW package

Bosch heating heat pump 8.5-13kW kW Compress 7001iAW package

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Bosch heating heat pump 8.5 kW Compress 7001iAW package

The Bosch air/water heat pump is a central heating system that supplies the entire heating and hot water requirement in a single-family home. Due to the reversible mode of operation, it is also possible to cool the building in summer. The integrated inverter technology enables intelligent control with the Bosch energy manager. As a result, the surplus of a photovoltaic system can be consumed to the precise watt.

The Bosch heat pumps of the Compress 7400i AW series are available with outputs of 5 and 7 kW. They are designed for the new construction of detached and semi-detached houses up to 300 m². For modernization with a heat output of up to approx. 15 kW, we recommend the Bosch heat pumps from the Compress 7001i AW series.

The Compress 7001i AW heat pump system package with 8.5 kW heat output consists of an outdoor unit (CS7001iAW 9 OR-S), an indoor unit AWMB with integrated buffer tank, electric auxiliary heater and system controller, as well as an external Stora WH 290 domestic water tank.

Benefits Bosch heating heat pump 8.5 kW Compress 7001iAW package

  • Excess charge exact to the watt with the Bosch energy manager and the Fronius Symo or Fronius Symo Hybrid
  • High-quality overall system - Bosch gives one 5-year system guarantee on all components in the package
  • Peak efficiency with a SCOP of up to 4.9
  • Simple visualization and control via app thanks to the integrated internet gateway
  • Individual foiling after delivery - Design your heat pump according to your ideas

Product features Bosch heating heat pump 8.5 kW Compress 7001iAW package

  • Heat output: 8.5 kW
  • Technology: air/water heat pump
  • Mains connection: 1-phase (230V)
  • COP at A+7/ W35 according to EN 14511: 4.6
  • COP at A+2/ W35 according to EN 14511: 4
  • Working range outside temp. Heating: -20 - 35℃
  • Working range outside temp. Cooling: 15 - 45 °C
  • Electric heating rod output: 2/ 4/ 6/ 9 kW
  • Energy efficiency class (system) at 35°C: A+++
  • Energy efficiency class (system) at 55°C: A++
  • Max. sound power: 64 dB (A)
  • Max. sound power "quiet operation": 58 dB (A)
  • Optional integration of sound hoods - reduction of -2 dB (A) per hood
  • Hot water tank: 277 liters for service water supply
  • Buffer tank: 120 liters integrated


  • Outdoor unit CS7001iAW
  • Indoor unit AWMB
  • Hot water tank WH290LP1B
  • Pipe trace heating for condensate discharge (3 m, 45 W)
  • Installation accessories for connecting the heating water flow and return to the outdoor unit
  • Cover hood for rear of outdoor unit (ABHA1)
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